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Many years ago, most villages in China had their own local doctor whose job it was to keep the villagers healthy.  They came to the physician at regular intervals for acupuncture to maintain their health, along with treatments at the change of seasons and change of weather.  Additionally, the physician would carefully observe the people seen saw daily out and about the village; if someone was looking a little peaked or snivelly or pale or flushed or injured, they were told to come see the doctor for treatment.


If a serious illness occurred due to a physician’s oversight, a patient would remain in the physician’s home for treatment, at the doctor’s expense, until they were well enough to return to their family, at which time payment would resume to the physician.  Indeed, the doctors were paid as long as the patient remained healthy and payment was discontinued if the doctor made an error.


And, if a physician was found to be at fault for a death, he/she was required to place a red lantern outside his door for ever afterward as evidence of malpractice.  Obviously, if too many red lanterns…the physician would be out of business and out of town.


Although entertaining in today’s times, the story is to show the physician’s main duty was to assist patients in remaining well rather than seeing them only at times of illness.


And that’s how I offer my practice to my patients.  In the traditional style.


I treat your primary complaint, i.e., indigestion, back pain, insomnia, stress; then I provide additional help in your getting healthier so you won’t have a return of the problem, and then I give further support in your desire to return to wellness.


The World Health Organization recognizes many conditions for which acupuncture is considered appropriate treatment, including high blood pressure, diabetes, sinus infection, Bell’s palsy, sore throat, colds and flu, bronchitis and anemia, just to mention a few.


I invite you to become actively involved in the direction of your health with the addition of Oriental medicine in your life.  To feel well, have joy in your heart, to laugh much and live long.

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Patricia E Martin PLLC
Licensed Acupuncturist (AZ)
Doctor of Oriental Medicine (FL)
(602) 955-4242