“I thought I was going to feel the needles.  But I never do.”  George M.
“Patricia saved my life after I was exposed to a dangerous pesticide.”  Lou J.
“I was an emotional mess and then I had acupuncture with Patricia.  My life is now sweet and sensible.”  Virginia O.
“This was the first time I’ve had acupuncture.  I have never been so relaxed!” Barbara S.
“Patricia has changed my life!  I no longer have asthma crises! She’s my go-to person for all my health care now.  Patricia and her magic  needles have my asthma controlled rather than my asthma controlling me!  This is a total 180 degree change for my health and I know it is due to Patricia listening to me, seeing the asthma and then applying her vast knowledge of acupuncture to heal my body.  I am truly blessed to be under the amazing care of Patricia!”  Suzanne J.
“My ears have been a problem for years; I’ve been to six specialist MDs.  Patricia is the first person to ever make them better!”  Heather W.




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Doctor of Oriental Medicine (FL)
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